Cultural Behaviors in Nepal

  • Namaste (joining two palms of hand) is the form of greeting in Nepal.
  • Wearing shoes while entering someone’s house or religious and meditating sites might be regarded as disrespectful.
  • It is better to use right hand to give or take goods than using left hand.
  • Touching people or stuffs with feet is discourteous.
  • Walking around the monasteries, stupa and temple is done in clockwise direction.
  • It is more appropriate to receive permission or look out for signs before taking photographs at religious places.
  • Leather stuffs like belt, shoes, wallet, jacket etc are forbidden inside the temples.
  • The entry of non- hindu or foreigner is disallowed in some temples.
  • Dress modestly. It is better not to wear revealing dresses by women especially in rural areas of Nepal.
  • Food touched by ones mouth is regarded impure (jutho) therefore is not accepted except among close friends and family.
  • Do not leave any valuable stuffs like mobile, camera, laptop, wallet etc out in the open while travelling without any security.

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