Mountain biking in Nepal

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Total Duration:01 Days


Activities:Mountain Biking

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Recommended Month:October-March

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Trip Highlights

  • Scenic mountain bike ride from Kathmandu to Dakshinkali passing through different temples, monastery, park, gorge and lake.
  • Mountain biking through the ancient city of Kirtipur rich in religious and cultural beauties.

Mountain biking in Nepal is popular adventures outdoor sports activity in Nepal which provide you a golden opportunity to the visitors to enjoy the great natural view of the high hills along with the local settlements of the different places of Nepal. Nepal is a country of extremes with all suitable mountain biking trails according as the need of every mountain bikers. Mountain bikes are available for rent by day or linger in the numerous bicycle rental outlets in and around Kathmandu and Pokhara. Mountain biking is a fast growing sport activity in Nepal. The sport of riding a bicycle/mountain bike through different locations of natural beauty and cultural significance is termed as mountain biking.

In mountain biking tour package, we mostly spend our time at the local hotels and guesthouse. The famous and usual mountain biking routes are Dhulikhel, Nagarkot or Daman, Chisapani, Dakshinkali and other different places of the Nepal. Furthermore away from Kathmandu valley, there are certain places in Nepal outside the valley like Annapurna circuit, Pokhara valley, Jomsom Pokhara where you can go for mountain biking. The best time to go for mountain biking in Nepal is between mid October and late March. During these months weather is stable, atmosphere is clear, the climate is temperate - warm days and cool morning and nights.

Mountain Biking from Kathmandu to Dakshinkali:

Kathmandu to Dakshinkali mountain biking is a popular mountain biking trail that take us all the way to the sacred Dakshinkali Temple. The beautiful mountain biking trail starting from Kathmandu consists of different locations with religious and cultural significance. The trail passes through Kirtipur, the town rich in ancient history. Kirtipur is rich in cultural beauties with many temples like Umadevi, Bagh Bhairabh, Ashoka Stupa and many others on its periphery. Adhi Nath temple along the trail to Dakshinkali is a famous ancient temple built during the Licchabhi period.

Kathmandu to Dakshinkali mountain biking route take us to Chovar hill Gorge riding downhill from Adhi Nash temple. Chovar gorge is believed to be formed after a Buddhist priest cut the hill with his majestic sword to drain the water out of the valley. Chovar gorge is the only gorge draining the water out of Kathmandu valley. Further mountain biking lead us to Taudaha. Tau Daha is a beautiful lake and further uphill ride take us to Sheshnarayan tample. There are many caves, park and monasteries in Kathmandu to Dakshinkali mountain biking route. On descending further we finally reach Dakshinkali temple which is also an animal sacrificing location. After the excursion around the sacred Dakshinkali temple we return back to Kathmandu through the mountain biking trail.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01:Mountain biking from Kathmandu to Dakshinkali via Kirtipur.


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Detail Itinerary

Day 01Mountain biking from Kathmandu to Dakshinkali via Kirtipur.Early morning we start our mountain biking from Kathmandu towards Dakshinkali. We pass through Tribhuwan University gate at Balkhu leaving behind the crowded city. We reach the ancient city of Kirtipur where we can observe many temples and lifestyle of Newari peoples residing there. The mountain biking trail leads to Chovar gorge from where the water in Kathmandu valley flows out. In the close proximity there is a beautiful lake Tau Daha built for ‘Nag Raja’ (King Snake) of the valley after the water was drained out by the Buddhist priest Manjushree. We finally arrive at Dakshikali temple passing through different caves, parks, monastery and Sheshnarayan temple. Dakshinkali is a holy temple which is also animal sacrificing location where different animals like He-goat and hens are sacrificed for goddess Dakshinkali. We return back to Kathmandu through the mountain biking trail.